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Hey! Neckbone Rob here, I love recreational shooting from handguns to rifles and I’ve been getting into longer range stuff lately as well. I like to spend time at the range for sure, but I also like to build firearms and try out the latest gear.

My father got me a pump up BB gun as a kid and I’ve always enjoyed the recreational side of shooting. I got my first shotgun the day I turned 18 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

After spending some time in the military as a small arms repair specialist, my knowledge and passion for shooting expanded greatly. I now regularly tune my rifles, try out new parts and components, and spend time shooting.

I also make videos about different firearms, gear, and new things I learn and post them on the Neckbone Armory YouTube Channel.

I like to share things I learn along the way, firearms I’m building, and gear I’m trying out on this website and the Neckbone Armory YouTube channel. Just don’t tell my wife what this stuff actually costs!