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How to Reset Gun Safe Code: Change Combination Steps

A safe is a great security tool to keep your valuables, not to mention a gun. If you want to have an infallible code no one can crack, you may need to reset it from time to time.

How you reset your gun safe depends on your type of gun safe. If you have an electronic digital safe, locate the programming button and reset to access the new code. However, if you have a mechanical combination lock, you will most likely need the support of a locksmith.  

There are several types of locks a gun safe can have. Check out this article if you want to know more about resetting a gun safe.

What to Do When You Forget the Code to Your Safe

Nothing is more frustrating than having to reset your code on your gun safe due to forgetfulness. Anytime you have belongings locked up and cannot get to them, it is a pain in the “you know what.”

However, there is no need to have a nuclear meltdown. The following includes the steps you must take if you forget the code on your gun safe.

Figure Out the Type of Safe You Have

The first thing you should see if you forget the code is to check and see what type of safe you have. If you can determine what type of safe it is, you will be able to go through the procedure of resetting your code.

You do not want to panic and do the wrong thing. If you utilize the wrong access method, you could potentially damage your safe.

  • If you call emergency services to get help recovering your code, and you do not know your safe type, it will be a fruitless effort.
  • They need to know what kind of safe you have to help you.
  • Any essential information you can provide them about your safe will be helpful.
  • If you give them the serial number or purchase information, it will go a long way.

The serial number is usually on the safe’s side or the back. Some safe companies elect not to leave the serial number on the safe for security purposes. 

Here’s a quick video showing how to reset a common stack-on 24 gun safe digital code:

Check for a Key Override

It is just like having a spare key to your car, as it comes in handy just in case. If your safe has an override key, it may not be evident, considering that it could put the security of your property in danger.

Someone could easily pick the lock. Read the owner’s manual to determine if the safe has an override key. However, this measure is not always found with too many safes.

Get a Locksmith to Open it

Let’s say you have tried the above two ways of getting into your safe to no avail. The next step is to find a locksmith.

However, be careful when implementing this method, as it can result in someone unfamiliar with safes damaging your property.

You need to give the locksmith enough information so that they will have the necessary tools to help you get back into your safe.

The two ways that a locksmith can get you back into your safe:

  • Safe manipulation- It takes only the most skilled and adept locksmith to be able to get into your safe, like a master manipulator and safecracker. It takes someone perfect to get into your safe and be successful. Safe manipulation allows a locksmith to enter your safe without damaging any components.
  • Forced Entry- This method should only be employed as a last course of action when all else fails. The locksmith may be able to drill their way into the safe, or they can drill a hole that permits you to incorporate a fiber optic cable.

Believe it or not, you can also open a gun safe using a stethoscope. When you listen to the lock’s inner workings, you can listen to the notches on the dial. The other ways above are standard methods you can use when you cannot get into your safe. Now, let’s look at how to reset the code.

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Are There Different Types of Gun Safes?

This may come as a surprise, but there are different types of safes. Depending on your kind, there are various ways to open each type.

The different types of gun safes include:

  • Electronic digital safe
  • Key lock safe
  • Mechanical combination lock
  • Biometric safe
  • Time lock safe

How to Reset the Electronic Digital Safe

When you have a safe, you may want to reset the code now and then. You will need to have the factory code and your own code ready to go. You can locate this information in the owner’s manual.

Locate the programming button if you are changing the code on an electric digital safe. It will delete your old combination, allowing you to enter a new one.

  • Reenter the factory code for the new code to be established.
  • Enter the new code and then promptly shut the safe.
  • Now your safe is all set up to go.
  • When resetting the code, make sure it is something no one else would ever think of.
  • You want the code to be uncrackable.
  • You need to write down the code someplace where it is easily hidden.

How to Reset Key Lock

Unfortunately, there is no way to reset a key lock safe. The key is the way to open it. Easy peasy, but not a very efficient way to hide a gun. If you insist on using this method, at least hide the key in a safe place. 

How to Reset Mechanical Combination Lock

Mechanical locks can be complicated. The combination of your mechanical lock should not change because it requires an experienced locksmith to change it. If you change it, the manufacturer will not have a record of the new combination.

If you want to change it, contact the safe company, and use one of their locksmiths to get the job done.

How to Rest Biometric Safe

When purchasing a biometric safe, you can program for several people to open it. However, they are the most secure, as they require a fingerprint from the person trying to open them. These types of safes are battery-operated. You must be proactive and change the batteries to avoid getting locked out.

To reset this safe, you must first remove all the fingerprints. Then, you enter the master code. Once this is accomplished, scan your fingerprints. Repeat this step and add all the fingerprints you want. Once the fingerprints are in there, test the device.

Time Lock Gun Safe

This safe has a feature that delays the opening for some time. You must first put in the access code, meaning that if you need immediate access to your gun, you are SOL. Time delay safes are popular in banks to use as a way to keep the eager bank robber from getting away with the money.


There are different safe locks and ways to reset and open them. If you want to reset your gun safe, write down your code somewhere no one else can find it, and you can reset the code anytime you see fit.