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Who Makes an AR-15? List of Manufacturers

The AR-15 is one of the world’s most popular and beloved sporting rifles. It has taken on a new role in the past few years as one of the most discussed and mistaken pieces of hardware invented by the good folks at ArmaLite. So who makes an AR-15?

The only company that has the patent for the AR-15 is Colt. All other sporting rifles have their unique monikers for their rifles but most copy the popular AR-15 framework. The style is based on another rifle called the AR-10 and mimicked the M4 and M16 used by the armed forces.

The patent history behind the AR-15 is an exciting story. However, the big rub with the whole situation is that there is a market built off the platform of the AR-15, and this style of sporting rifle will get called an AR even if Palmetto State Armory or Daniel Defense makes it. So read on and learn all about the people who manufacture AR-15s!

A List of Manufacturers for AR-15

Since only one company technically makes an AR-15, the list of manufacturers is short. However, there are more armories out there that make rifles in the same style. These rifles are the best on the market, and some say they outstrip the capabilities of the AR-15 by leaps and bounds.

Some manufacturers who make AR-15 style rifles are:

  • Daniel Defense – The DDM4 V7 is among the most highly-rated sporting rifles. It has a 16-inch barrel which leaves room for a suppressor. The biggest thing is the mid-range gas function that makes firing smoother and more accurate. Daniel’s rifle will break the bank, but you won’t regret spending the money.
  • Wilson Combat – Another impressive armament is the Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine (find it on Brownells Site). It has a long name and an even longer list of happy customers. Weighing in at only six pounds, the Wilson also has a reputation for driving tacks with its stability.
  • Larue Tactical – The PredatAR 5.56 from Larue Tactical is a great-looking rifle with incredible capabilities. It has lots of rail space that can be used for many gadgets or grips to improve your accuracy.

I use either Brownells, Palmetto State Armory, or Optics Planet to buy parts, that way I always know what I’m getting and that it will actually show up.

Now, let’s take a look at some other companies.

Does Glock make an AR-15?

No, Glock is a handgun company, but it has been rumored they were looking into a patent for a carbine rifle, but that is just wishful thinking. For now, some companies specialize in creating lower receivers for Glock magazines.

Some fantastic things that the Angstadt Arms rifle does are:

  • Aluminum Lower – The aluminum lower of the Angstadt rifle is made to fit the magazines used in Glock pistols. If your model of rifle is a 9mm and so is your sidearm, you can interchange the mags because the aluminum lower was manufactured to take both.
  • Futuristic Design – This rifle looks impressive. It looks like something you would see an advanced police force in a Scifi television show would use. The shroud over the barrel and the color scheme makes it something that stands out in a crowd. People often buy rifles for their looks; this is a rifle that can’t be missed.
  • Aluminum Frame – Not only is the lower a piece of air-grade aluminum, but the upper is also. The sturdy aluminum not only makes the rifle more resilient but it makes it lighter than other models.

The wow factor on the Angstadt rifles is something to see in person. They grabbed a large portion of the Glock market that was hungry for a gun. Of course, the rumors of Glock patenting a rifle could be hogwash, or in the next few years, we could be floored by the accuracy and performance of the gun. Stay tuned!

Does Colt Make an AR-15?

Colt is the only company with the right to label their rifles the AR-15. They are a significant supplier for the Army’s beloved M4 and produce the legendary gun in the United States. Every other company has a knock-off of the AR but to have an actual weapon labeled AR-15, it must be a Colt.

Does Remington Make an AR-15?

Remington has its version of the AR-15 called the R-15. It comes in a few different styles, the collapsible stock CS model is a must-see, and it even has a few different camo colors. The CS has a fluted 18” barrel that makes the overall weight around six pounds. Remington has a solid name, just like Colt, and always delivers a quality gun.

Does Winchester Make an AR-15?

Winchester doesn’t make an AR-15, but they make several sporting rifles in the style chambered in .308 or 7.62. The .308 is a popular caliber AR because it is more potent than the Colt .223/5.56 version. It also can pack more punch with the larger round that travels a bit farther than its competitor.

Does Beretta Make an AR-15?

No, there isn’t an AR-15 made by Beretta, per se. There is, however, a sporting rifle called the ARX-100. This doesn’t look like an AR, more like an H & K, but it uses the same .223 or 5.56 ammo. The big deal is that it uses the same magazines.

When you have swappable mags, you have more options to defend yourself or take down more targets.


The only company that can sell a firearm under the name AR-15 is the Colt Arms Company. They purchased the patent in the late 1950s and have made a fortune selling it to armies and hunters around the globe. It is a dependable rifle that can be tricked out to the max with add-ons and features.

Just because Colt owns the name doesn’t mean that hundreds of other companies have an AR-15-type sporting rifle.

With just a few clicks on the internet, you see that the platform is widespread and can be chambered for any round up to .50 cal. You get what you pay for, and going with quality over price will win the day for you.