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Will DampRid Work in A Gun Safe? Dehumidify A Gun Safe

Damprid is a popular dehumidifier, perfect for absorbing moisture – but can you use it in a gun safe to help protect your guns?

DampRid can be used in a gun safe to help absorb moisture and protect your firearms, as it’s highly effective and very safe. By keeping humidity low in your gun safe, DampRid can prevent your guns from incurring damage from excess water in the air and ensure humidity levels are properly maintained.

Keep reading to find out more about using DampRid in your gun safe, as well as other dehumidifying methods and information on the proper humidity levels you should aim for to ensure a safe environment for your guns.

Will DampRid Work?

Yes, DampRid will work to keep your gun safe from becoming too humid. However, there are dangers involved if you don’t use the product the way it was intended.

That being said, it does work great for many many people. I would recommend and electronic option myself.

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Here’s a video showing the dangers of DampRid, something to keep in mind:

What Takes Moisture Out of a Gun Safe?

There are a number of ways you can remove moisture from a gun safe. Gun safe owners use many different methods including the following ideas.


Desiccant products such as Damprid are an excellent way of reducing moisture in a gun safe. Desiccants don’t require any electricity like most dehumidifiers on the market and are usually manufactured in the form of silica gel sachets/packs that ensure an environment is kept dry to prevent damage from excess humidity levels.

Damprid is a popular option on the market and is known as a popular gun safe dehumidifier. It’s generally very affordable and is available in many sizes to suit different sizes of gun safe.


Electric dehumidifiers are a good way of reducing the moisture level in the air within a gun safe. They can be secured to the side of a gun safe providing you have an available electrical outlet, and dehumidifiers keep the temperature of your gun safe at a certain level to reduce humidity.

One significant downside to electric dehumidifiers is that they can be quite bulky, and you may not have enough space inside your gun safe if your safe is on the smaller side.

There’s no need to worry, however, as there are many other options available to you if you have a smaller gun safe and require a compact way of reducing humidity.


Rice is an excellent moisture reducer and has been used to draw moisture from electrical equipment for many years.

You can put some dry rice in a bowl or inside a bag to naturally reduce moisture in your gun safe. It’s worth bearing in mind that the rice will need to be changed out regularly to continue working its magic.

Baking Soda

Another household item that can be used to take moisture out of a gun safe is baking soda. Surprisingly sodium bicarbonate is an excellent way to absorb water, and just placing a small amount in a pot will help to regulate the humidity levels in your gun safe.

Make sure you replace the baking soda if you notice a rise in humidity, as once it’s absorbed water from the area it will only be able to continue doing so for so long.

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Should I Put Desiccant in My Gun Safe?

Desiccants are a great option for use in a gun safe, as they can be used in gun safes of all different sizes and types. Your guns will be protected when using a desiccant as moisture is withdrawn from the air using silica gel or crystals that prevent moisture build-up that could damage your guns.

The most used desiccant is silica gel, which is widely used in many industries to keep products safe. It’s known for being affordable, and non-toxic, plus they’re very easy to produce. Using silica gels or other forms of desiccant is a great way of keeping moisture out of your gun safe and protecting the items inside.

What To Put in A Safe to Keep It Dry?

Any of the items mentioned previously can be put in a safe to keep valuables dry including desiccants, baking soda, or dehumidifiers. Calcium chloride is another option you could put inside a safe for withdrawing moisture, as it’s a salt known for its ability to withdraw moisture from the air.

  • Other types of salt that withdraw moisture include rock salt, a natural dehumidifier that is available to purchase in most local stores.
  • You can also use mothballs or dehumidifying rods that encourage air movement and reduce humidity.

What Is the Proper Humidity Level for A Gun Safe?

The proper humidity level for a gun safe is between 30% – 50%. You don’t want the humidity to be too high or too low, as both excess moisture and too little moisture could cause damage to your guns.

If moisture is too high water can get inside the intricate mechanisms of your guns and cause significant damage. However, if the air is too dry this can cause corrosion to your guns and affect their performance. Desiccants or dehumidifiers are good ways of keeping the temperature and humidity to a set level, keeping your guns safe and dry.

Other Ways to Keep A Gun Safe Dry

There are many ways to reduce high levels of humidity in a gun safe, with Damprid being just one way of doing this.

It’s important to regularly access your gun safe to ensure regular airflow. If you don’t open your gun safe very often, you’re more likely to have increased humidity levels, so open it up regularly to increase airflow.

You can also use a specific tool such as a hygrometer, which safely measures the levels of humidity so that you know whether your gun safe is between the correct levels of 30 – 50%.

Many gun owners like to double up on their moisture-reducing methods, to ensure that their valuable guns are unlikely to come to any risk. This could involve using a combination of both electric dehumidifiers and desiccants such as Damprid to make sure that moisture is kept to a minimum.

If you do double up on moisture-reducing methods we recommend monitoring this closely, as having humidity levels that are too low can cause your guns to be damaged by corrosion.


In summary, Damprid is a great solution for humidity within a gun safe. It is a safe, non-toxic desiccant that is widely used for gun safes and other containers/buildings to keep safe humidity levels and ensure no damage to guns and other valuable items.

Other options available to keep gun safes dry include electric dehumidifiers, baking soda, and rice.