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Can Revolvers Fire Underwater? What Happens When You Try

In the movies, the good guys evade pursuit by jumping underwater, avoiding bullets as they whiz past their heads in the liquid. However, real weapons aren’t the same as those displayed in movies. If you own a revolver, you might wonder – can revolvers fire underwater?

Although revolvers work better than other guns underwater, thanks to their simple design, they still won’t fire as they will on land. The water pressure and ballistic reduction will slow the bullet and cause it to sink into the liquid.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not revolvers fire underwater, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about if a wet weapon will fire, what happens if this weapon becomes damp and if there is a gun that can shoot underwater. The more you know, the better you will understand your revolver.

Can A Wet Revolver Fire?

If a revolver is modern enough, it’s possible to remove the weapon from the water and fire it while it is wet. In the right weather conditions, the revolver will dry, and you will have your gun back to normal in no time. In chilly conditions, you may have a trickier time getting your gun back to normal.

Older weapons will have a trickier time firing as the mechanisms are much older. Guns that already have damage and deterioration may not fire after they have been submerged in liquid, so take care if you do not have modern weapons in your arsenal.

Of course, it’s critical to care for your weapon if it gets wet. If you don’t, several unfortunate issues could rip apart your gun and render it useless.

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What Happens If A Revolver Gets Wet?

Guns are metal, and there are consequences to submerging them underwater. It’s critical to be aware of the potential trouble if a revolver gets wet to take the best care of your weapon.

If a revolver gets wet and is left wet for an extended period, it might:

  • Rust
  • Corrode
  • Fall apart
  • Deteriorate

These can severely damage the gun and make expensive repairs or a replacement necessary.

Some more modern weapons are waterproof materials. When submerged in water, they can last longer than older guns.

Still, wipe them off as soon as possible to remove any potential corroding factors. It’s best not to take a chance when dealing with water and the future of your weapons. They are not invincible.

Here’s a cool video showing a revolver firing underwater, with a lot more info below:

Is There A Gun That Can Shoot Underwater?

If you want to shoot a gun underwater, don’t use a traditional revolver.

Some companies create guns meant for shooting in liquid. These weapons use pressurized gas and contain bullets designed to withstand the pressure and composition of the water. They come to life in a state of war.

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to locate a gun that will effectively shoot underwater. Most companies that manufacture them aren’t meant for civilians. Instead, these guns head straight to the military.

If you want a weapon that shoots underwater, your best action is to invest in a harpoon gun. The ammunition in this gun is much weightier and will have little trouble pushing through the liquid.

How Far Will A Gun Shoot Underwater?

Although some weapons fire further than others, most bullets underwater will travel only a few feet before they sink to the bottom of the ocean and lose all their force. The ammo can’t withstand the makeup or pressure of water, and even the most powerful gun won’t be able to handle the environment.

Several factors will influence how far a gun will shoot underwater, including:

  • The complexity of the weapon
  • The item used to push the bullet out of the chamber
  • The shape of the bullet
  • The material of the gun and the ammunition

These will make a bullet move more or less than the average.

If you are interested in a gun that will shoot farther underwater, it’s critical to do your research. There are many selections designed to provide more distance underwater than traditional options. Revolvers are some of the best.

Can You Shoot A Shark Underwater?

If you are diving in the ocean, one of the scariest creatures you could encounter is the shark. Those terrified of sharks might want to arm themselves with a revolver to fight back if attacked by a shark. However, it might be tricky to shoot this creature with a gun meant to fire on land. It won’t work the same.

  • First, it’s critical to note that it is illegal to kill a shark for no reason.
  • You may not shoot this creature, no matter what weapon you use.
  • There are serious consequences to pay for harming these animals in their home territory.

Second, bullets only move forward a few feet in the water. If you aim at a shark and pull the trigger, it is unlikely to strike the animal with enough force to do damage.

If you are afraid of sharks, stay out of the water. They are tricky creatures to defend yourself from in an attack situation, and a gun is the worst possible choice for underwater defense from their sharp teeth.

I use either Brownells, Palmetto State Armory, or Optics Planet to buy parts, that way I always know what I’m getting and that it will actually show up.

Final Thoughts

A revolver can fire better in water than other weapons, but the bullets will slow and sink much faster than on land, thanks to the water pressure and firing mechanisms. It may only be able to fire once before experiencing damage from the liquid. If your revolver gets wet, clean it as soon as possible to prevent damage from forming on the material.

We hope this information was helpful! Although it might seem incredible to shoot a revolver underwater, it won’t be the same as in the movies.

If you want a method of defense in the water, it’s best to use items like knives and weapons you can navigate with your hands. These will protect you in oceans, lakes, and other water sources.